Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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Accounting and Cashier's Office Policies

    Accounting and Cashier's Office Policies  
I. Schedule of Fees
        The approved schedule of fees for the current academic year is posted on the bulletin board at the cashier's office.
    II. Mode of Payments  
        There are three (3) modes of payment on tuition and other fees (Yearly, Semestral, and Monthly).   
        1. Yearly - The total amount is paid in full upon enrolment. A discount will be given to students on tuition fees.   
    2. Semestral - The total assessed is paid in two (2) installments. The first installment is paid upon enrolment and the second installment is
       paid on November before the monthly examination period of the current academic year. Failure to pay the semestral accounts on due 
       date will cause its coversion to payment by monthly basis. 
        3.  Monthly - The total assessed amount is paid in ten (10) installments. The first  installment is paid upon enrolment and the succeeding
        nine (9) installments are payable every month before the scheduled monthly examinations.
    III. Check Payments  
    1. Personal Check Payments – When a parent issues a check for paying his/her childs dues, it is understood that he/she has a bank account with sufficient fund for the amount stated on the check.  However, a three-day allowance is required for bank clearance thus a temporary receipt is issued to personal check payers before he/she obtains the official receipt of   payments which could be claimed on the fourth day  after the said check issuance  

2. Manager’s/Company Check Payments – Manager’s and company checks are considered as cash thus a payment of dues using any of the said checks are entitled an official receipt upon issuance of the check.

    3. Bounced Check – Issuance of personal checks without sufficient fund is an act punishable by law.  Thus, the school has the option to take legal action for those who committed such act.  The cashier’s office has the right to refuse another check payment from anybody who committed this punishable act and 25% of reflected amount issued in the check will be charged.  
    4. Post-Dated Check (PDC) - No post-dated check will be accepted.  
    Note:  Scheduled payments are expected to be made with or without notice. A surcharge of Php 100 will be assessed for every month of delay