Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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School Policies

    General Rules and Regulations  
  1.  Every student is responsible for all the requirements found in the SEC Student Handbook.
  2. Southeastern College is a SMOKE-FREE and DRUGFREE Campus. Faculty, staff, students, parents and guests are prohibited from smoking inside the campus and its immediate environs.  Drug-related offenses carry maximum penalties and will immediately be reported to proper authorities.
  3. The school trains students to be aware of their surroundings and to always be alert inside and outside the campus. Hence, SEC is implementing the policy of no earphones and no headsets within the campus. All students, visitors, faculty and staff are not allowed to wear earphones and headsets within the campus.  Exceptions are headsets used in relation to classroom learning and only with teacher supervision.   
  4. Settlement of Accounts: To avoid inconvenience and delay in taking examinations and releasing documents, prompt payment of accounts is requested from all. Examination permits will be required before being allowed to take the mastery tests and quarterly examinations.
  5. Parent-Teacher Conference: Parents who wish to consult with faculty members are required to make an appointment through the administrative assistant of the department who will issue an Appointment Slip after consulting the availability of the concerned teacher. They may also send a request for appointment through the Teacher-Parent Correspondence Slip found in the student diary.
  6. Security Measures: As part of security measures, school authorities have the right to conduct reasonable searches of students, employees, and visitors bags and belongings at any time when the situation calls for it, as in cases of suspicion of contraband, theft, non-surrender of students cell phones and analogous situations. Gates will also be closed at certain times in order to ensure security and order inside the campus.
  7. Visitors to School: “Only bonafide students of the school shall be allowed inside the school campus. No visitors, including parents or guardian, shall be allowed inside the campus during school hours except for valid reasons. They shall be required to sign the logbook of the security.” (Section 159, 2010 Revised Manual of Regulations for Private Schools in Basic Education)A Gate Pass will be issued to the visitor by the guard upon surrender of proper identification card. This ID will be returned when the visitor leaves the campus.
  8. Designated Waiting Areas: Fetchers should wait for their wards in the designated waiting area near the gates. Fetchers Identification Cards will only be issued to parents/guardians whose child requires special medical attention.
  9. Flag Ceremony: A ceremonial flag ceremony at the   quadrangle is held every Monday at 7:00am where all students, faculty and school personnel are required to attend. On other days, a simple flag ceremony will be held in the corridor outside their respective classrooms (Grade 7-Fourth Year) and at the gymnasium (Grade 1-6) at 7:00am. Grade 7-Fourth Year students will only be allowed to go up to their classrooms at 6:50am on all days, except Monday. A flag retreat ceremony is held every Friday after classes. All students, faculty and school personnel are expected to attend the flag retreat.  
  10. Delivery of Materials: The school will not accept projects, books, notebooks and other school materials that will be delivered to a student during class hours. This is a way to develop sense of responsibility in every student. Therefore, the school takes no responsibility for the materials left in the guard station.  

Consultation Hour: Each subject shall be assigned a     schedule for students to consult with the subject teacher in order to discuss measures in improving their academic performance.

  12. Sectioning: Student sectioning is done heterogeneously in Kindergarten and Grade 1-6. Pilot class is initiated in Grade 7-Fourth Year where students grades, academic ranking, and deportment are being considered.