Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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SEC Logo

Southeastern College Logo

      At the center of the logo, a man stands on top of rocks, with his arms open wide. This depiction signifies every student, through the SEC Family, realizing his potential to the fullest. A sea lies behind the man. Beyond this sea are mountains. Light shining from behind the mountains symbolizes hope that exists despite obstacles and adversities. On the right side, light emanates from a torch. This represents the commitment of the institution to its students. It is drawn from the Ultimate Source of Light. The name of the College, as well as the year in which it is founded, are written in bold letters in the circle. Separating the name of the College from the founding year are two laurel leaves representing fame, as SEC aims to be the most progressive school in Pasay City .



     The SEC Logo has three colors; blue, yellow and green. Blue represents peacer and happiness. Yellow signifies intellect, eloquence, dynamism, and confidence. FInally, the color green, stand for growth and prosperity