Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Value Focus
School Uniform and Grooming
Student's Prayer
Student's Oath

School Uniform and Grooming
  I. Official School Uniform - SEC students must report to school in complete uniform unless otherwise permitted during special school functions. The uniform shall always be kept clean and neat and the black shoes should be regularly polished.  
    For Boys: 
  1. White polo with school seal sewn on the left-chest pocket and grade level patch on the right collar worn over plain white undershirt/sando
  2. Navy blue short/long pants for Kindergarten and Primary (Grade 1-3) level
  3. Navy blue long pants for Grade 4 to Fourth Year
  4. Black shoes with white socks for Kindergarten and Grade 1-6
  5. Black shoes with navy blue/black socks for Grade 7 - Fourth Year
  6. Hair cut is 2" x 3" (clean cut)
      For Girls:   
  1. White blouse with sailor's collar and school seal sewn on the left-chest area and grade level patch on the right collar worn over plain white undershirt/sando
  2. Checkered neck tie for Grade 1-6 and ribbon for Kindergarten and Grade 7-Fourth Year
  3. Checkered jumper for Kindergarten and Checkered box pleats skirt (minimum length: 4 inches below the knees) for Grade 1-Fourth Year
  4. Black shoes (low cut and low heeled shoes) with white socks
  II. P.E. Uniform  
       For Boys and Girls:   
  1. P.E. T-shirt with school seal
  2. Navy blue jogging pants
  3. Rubber shoes with white socks
  III. Identification Card (I.D.) - A bonafide student is expected to have the ID with him at all times. Securing an ID is a must for all students for security and protection purposes. it is therefore expected that upon entry into the school permises, students must show their ID to the Security Guard at the gates. The lost of ID must be reported in writing to the Office of the Prefect of Discipline. A new ID may be issued upon the approval of the Principal and upon payment of the replacement fee to the Cashier's Office.