Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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Admission Policies

    New Students / Transferees / Returnees      Old Students 
      1.  Age Requirement      1.   Report Card or FORM 137 
           Pre-Kinder: At least 4 years old by October of the current SY      2.   Two (2) pcs. 2x2 and One (1) pc. colored ID Picture
           Kinder: At least 5 years old by October of the current SY   
           Grade1: At least 6 years old by October of the current SY   
      2.  Photo Copy of Birth Certificate   
      3.  2 pcs. 1x1 ID picture with name written at the back   
      4.  Report Card or Form 137 (Original and 1 photocopy)
      5.  Original/photocopy of Certificate of Good Moral Character   
      6.  Satisfactory SEC Entrance Test Result and interview   
       For New Students / Transferees / Returnees      For Old Students 
       1.   Present required documents to the Registrar.     1.   Secure Registration Form at the Registrar's Office
       2.   Secure an Entrance Examination Permit at the Registrar's Office and      
           Pay Testing Fee at the Cashier. 
          by presenting current Report Card or Form 138. 
       3.   Proceed to the Guidance Center for the Exam.      2.   Follow procedures to 7 to 10. 
       4.   Proceed to the Principal for interview and test result.   
       5.   Secure acceptance and recommendation form from the Principal.   
       6.   Proceed to the Registrar's Office and secure registration form upon
          submission of the requirements listed above. 
       7.  Submit completely filled up Registration Form at the Registrar's
          Office for signature.
       8.  Proceed to the assigned room for assessment and enlisting.   
       9.  Pay tuition and fees in the Cashier's Office.   
     10.  See bulletin board for sectioning on the first day of classes.   
      1.   Applicants who used to study at Southeastern College will be considered
          a new student, unless otherwise recommended by the Principal given
          that he/she is with good academic and conduct standing. 
      2.   A student who was previously disqualified due to offense/s committed
          will not be readmitted.